The most effective wordmark in my sketchbook was quite fun, young and curvilinear. Its letter ‘O’ resembles an animal head, so in order to maintain currency, and not follow the route of some of the less appealing logos present in my brand matrix, I grew upon the animal itself, by promoting it to a graphic element on its own. A goal for Bambino is to be recognized solely by its ‘O’, which appears on all of its paper collateral.


I painted the wordmark and materials with a vibrant colour palette. The colour palette keeps the brand up to date as well as gender-neutral. Bambino is directed to all “cool kiddos”, and therefore needed to be directed to a wide range of children. Children are drawn to bright and eye-catching colours and items, so having a vibrant colour palette was necessary.


Beyond the gender-neutral colour palette, I added a layer of diversity by adding different styles of animal heads. They can be found in the patterns on the back of both the letterhead and business card. Bambino can appeal to all.


I chose a plain, white paper treatment to be used behind all aspects of the brand, acting as a palette to the imagination and art that Bambino is. This shows how Bambino takes something ordinary and makes it eye-catching and unique – just like their clothing.