I’m Emily Rogers, a web-focused designer based remotely in Canada.

British Columbia, Canada

Growing up, my favourite school assignments involved formatting research. Regardless if it was a poster or PowerPoint, creating the presentation was the best part! It didn’t occur to me then that organizing large amounts of information —and making it look attractive— could be a full-time job. Now I can’t see myself pursuing anything else.

I enjoy all aspects of a project from conceptualization to delivery, yet find I shine most in a team setting. This way, I can lead the design phase while staying informed about the project management, strategy, and development.

I specialize in

  • Creating corporate websites and applications
  • Conducting user research
  • Collaborating with multifaceted teams
  • Estimating and planning upcoming projects
  • Presenting designs to clients
  • Delivering tailored digital experiences

My professional mindset

  • Care about what you do; work hard to do it well
  • Be honest, transparent, and open-minded
  • Everyone’s feedback matters
  • Learning never stops

When I’m not improving online spaces, you can find me outside – skiing, hiking, camping, or surfing.

Contact me

Thanks to Brock Kryton for the lovely headshot. Candids courtesy of Ben and Emma.