I’m Emily Rogers

Remote, Canada-based UX/UI Designer

My professional mindset

  • Care about what you do; work hard to do it well
  • Be honest, transparent, and open-minded
  • Learning never stops

About me

Growing up, I used to love projects involving posters or presentations where I got to make my research look appealing. At that time, it never occurred to me that I could make a living off of formatting and organizing large amounts of information, yet now I can’t see myself pursuing anything else.

I enjoy all aspects of experience and interface design (yes, even taking notes during user interviews!) but find I shine most in a team setting where I can focus on the design aspects of a project, and let others worry about their specialized areas like development and project management.

When I’m not improving the flow of content for public sector organizations at Yellow Pencil, you can find me outside – hiking, surfing, or skiing.

Contact me

Thanks to Brock Kryton for the lovely headshot. Candids courtesy of Ben and Emma.