Introducing multi-factor authentication and the ability to change utility services online

UX research and recommendations for EPCOR’s online portal

EPCOR is a utility company offering power, water, and natural gas. They serve customers in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Texas, and Arizona. EPCOR contracted Yellow Pencil for several projects throughout 2022, and I was fortunate enough to be the lead designer on each of them.

Two of these projects focused on adding new features to their online portal where Albertans can log in to manage their utilities. The first feature we introduced was a multi-factor authentication within the existing login flow. The second feature we introduced was the ability for customers to change their utility contracts mid-contract. Our goal was to make these tasks so simple that pressures on their call centre would be reduced.

Multi-factor authentication prototype

Change services prototype prototype

The process for these projects started with stakeholder interviews. We learned from the related departments about existing user flows and common customer pain points. From there, we created prototypes utilizing the existing EPCOR design system. After vetting that the prototypes showed a solution that could be integrated into their backend systems, we conducted usability tests with customers around Alberta.

Annotated mockups for handoff

Once our usability tests were complete, we synthesized our findings into final recommendations. After including the final updates in the prototypes, we handed them off to EPCOR for their team to implement in their backend. Both of these options are live on EPCOR’s Albertan My Account — if you or someone you know receives EPCOR services in Alberta, you can log in to see them for yourself!